Life is changing and so are you.  A successful future is based on how prepared you are for opportunities that come your way.  Are you confident, doubtful, awkward?  Manners by Design for Teens and Young Adults is designed to help answer these questions and give one the much-valued skills of excellence and civility.  These programs are intended for teens ages 13-17 years.  Participants learn the skills needed to present oneself with confidence and ease in both personal, social, academic, and work-related situations.

Topics covered include etiquette knowledge and expectations of:

  • Why Care: Intro to Critical Thinking and Moral Philosophy
  • Personal Grooming,  Hygiene, and Health
  • Contextual Awareness and Dress Codes 
  • Etiquette Standards in Different Contexts
  • Power Communication
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Party and Dating Expectations
  • Basic Professional Skills for Work and Interviews
  • Basic dining skills and tutorial are not included in this program but are offered as a separate class.


Dress Code:

  • Females:     dresses, skirts, slacks   No jeans, flip-flops, or tennis shoes            
  • Males:        Collared shirt and tie.  Sports coat optional. No jeans, flip-flops, or tennis shoes.

If you are interested in this program or want more information, please email our office using the contact form below. Include the subject line “Teen and YA Etiquette” and send your phone number with the best times for our office to contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you.