Rocks and Ripples Programs/Packages

Program Description:

Rocks and Ripples is a program specific and unique to the Northwest School of Protocol.  It was created by Merrily Bjerkestrand to help individuals discover the unique power that lies within each of us as unique and individual women or men.  Discovering this power and pursuing passions with intent and confidence, can have a powerful impact on those you love, interact with, and serve.  Learn to be a rock that creates powerful and positive ripples in your life.  

Topics include:

  • Historic Icons/ Role-models and Influences
  • Criticism
  • Personal Image & Style
  • Personality Profile- Identity
  • Understanding and Developing Personal Power
  • Rock Assessment
  • Hospitality
  • The insights of moral, intellectual, and social virtues.
  • The Rock, The Ripples, and Me
  • Resources and references:

Content customized to the needs and gender of client or group.

This program requires 6-8 hours of time and may be presented as a one-day conference, or broken up into smaller segments or workshops.  Religious and non-faith-based content is available.

Providing a light lunch or tea is an encouraged part of this program and can be discussed.  This is at the expense of the group providing the conference, not the Northwest School of Protocol.

If you are interested in this program or want more information, please email our office using the contact form below. Include the subject line “Rocks & Ripples” and send your phone number with the best times for our office to contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you.