Life or career not turning out the way you planned but you can’t figure out why?  You make a good first impression but your relationships lack staying power or depth?  Do you find yourself saying or thinking,  “I don’t know what, I just know I need something different.”  Maybe it’s something in your overall look, communication, or presentation that is keeping others away.   Help is available.

Merrily Bjerkestrand is available to become a resource for what you need.  We start with an overall image and social survey and customize a program specific to your concerns, needs, and strengths.   This is an image remodel where we keep the good stuff and build around it.  Get the help and candid feedback you need and want.

This consultation service is available to all ages and levels of social skill knowledge.  All levels of confidentiality are enforced and respected.  By arrangement only.  Individuals or groups welcome.

If you are interested in this program or want more information, please email our office using the contact form below. Include the subject line “Image Remodel” and your phone number with the best times indicated for our office to contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you.