A dynamic and one-of-a-kind program that lays a strong foundation for building the distinguishing skills of manners, confidence, and communication. Includes powerful behavioral tools to help identify and strengthen positional and personal power while developing strong and effective communication and leadership skills. This program develops a connection and understanding of responsibilities and expectations between corporations, their executives and their clients. Participants come away confident, savvy, and hungry for more. Most programs require 2+ hours.

Individuals interested may contact nwprotocol@gmail.com to discuss private sessions or request to be put on a waiting list.

    Also available:

  • Building Your Personal Power in Sports
  • Building Your Personal Power for Teens
  • Building Your Personal Power for Parents or Caregivers

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If you are interested in this program, or want more information, please email our office using the contact form below. Include the subject line “BYPP” and send your phone number with the best times for our office to contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you.