Social Dining:   No one wants to be the one to sit down at a table and not know what to do with all the knives or forks. Maybe you have a special love interest you would like to treat to a special evening, but you don’t feel confident about your dining skills.  Maybe you are tired of being called a slob.  This program offers participants the opportunity to increase or improve their dining etiquette knowledge.  Participants will gain the skills to help them be at ease around any dining table, whether as a guest or host.

Professional Dining:  A lot of business is conducted at parties and dinners; meetings that on the surface seem purely social. Knowing how to take advantage of the potential in these situations adds to your nine-to-five abilities. Many professionals are not at ease in such meetings.

Savvy dining skills play a major role in the business arena today. Top management at many Fortune 500 companies take potential front line employees to lunch or dinner to observe one’s dining skills and comfort levels with executives, spouses, waitrons, and yes, even myriad pieces of silverware. Like it or not, management equates good manners with competence in business and poor manners with incompetence.

To climb the corporate ladder, it is up to you to seize every opportunity to distinguish yourself and your employers from the competition. Dining Skills for Today will give you a useful set of dining etiquette tools for those special situations where business relationships are developed and strengthened in social settings.

Areas covered are:

  • Business Entertaining
  • Host/Hostess and Guest Duties
  • Place Setting Maps
  • Silverware Savvy
  • The Silent Service Code
  • Body Language at the Table
  • Handling Dining Mishaps
  • Difficult-to-Eat Foods
  • Forms of Service
  • American and Continental Styles of Eating
  • Toasting
  • As well as many other dining tips to help you acquire the social and business polish of a knowledgeable and successful person. These are skills that will serve one well for a lifetime.


Note:      Corporate programs may be arranged to include 2 hours of training, followed by a tutorial meal.

Dining tutorials only are available to accommodate 4-7 courses as specified.

Inclusion of wines or alcoholic beverages by special permission only.

Estimated time for tutorial is 2 1/2-3 hours depending on number of participants and number of courses.

Private individual and family tutorials welcome by arrangement.

***Please contact us for questions or visit our calendar page to learn more about monthly Adult Dining Tutorials,  Space is limited.  To arrange private dining events tutorials, contact Merrily Bjerkestrand at